The Navin's Story

Creating aspirational content, day in & day out!

Navin's Social Media Goal

Navin's is already a renowned name in the construction industry and their brand is always synonymous with Trust, Quality and Excellence.

They approached us with a goal of creating aspirational content for their target audience. They wanted people to know the experience of living in a Navin's home.

Ksheer Tech Social Media Strategy

We researched on the various factors that their target audience seek for and made a campaign that was aspirational at its core and at the same time relatable in its presentation.

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Creative Process
social media research & marketing
Market Research

We conducted extensive market research in the field of real estate and ensure that we were well-equipped to take up this project.

social media marketing ideas, ideation services

With our well-researched knowledge on the various facets of home buying, we sat down to brainstorm about the various ideas that can be implemented not only for sales but also for creating engagement with prospective home buyers.

social media ads services
Campaign Setup

We setup paid and organic campaigns with an exhaustive day wise plan that covered various aspects of the campaign that needed to be monitored.

social media management, monitoring

We monitored the campaign on a daily basis and optimized it according to the learnings of each day. This further helped in reducing the cost and getting more qualified leads.

social medi analytics

We saw a steady increase in the engagement parameter across the various social media platforms that we handled.
And in the paid campaigns we were able to achieve a considerable amount of hot leads.

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Navin's Portfolio

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