The Jananam Story

A Digital Transformation for the ages.

Jananam Vision
Our vision is to provide couples with personalised care of the highest standard, to keep pace with newer and advanced technologies in treating couples wishing to conceive, to expand our services internationally and to undertake research in the field of reproductive medicine. 

Jananam Mission 
To be a world-class fertility centre who deliver comprehensive, competent, compassionate and ethical care to sub-fertile couples.

Ksheer Tech Digital Strategy for Jananam
At Ksheer Tech, we imbibed the vision and mission of Jananam and came up with a complete digital transformation that involved setting up a fertility core software, social media rebranding and making their services further accessible through a custom app. 

Personalised, compassionate, ethical and advanced technologies were the keywords that we chose to build and deliver upon.


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The Transformation Journey

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Research & Development
With Jananam, we spent 1 month on premises to understand their workflow, their pain points, their work culture and their values.
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We brainstormed among ourselves of various solutions that we can offer to do a complete digital transformation.
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We did a phase by phase digital transformation starting from implementing our premium fertility software Moonstone followed by telemedicine and SMM .
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We continuously took feedback from the end users to understand the results of our efforts and kept fine tuning them.
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Jananam is now almost 99% paperless, has a steady flow of leads through digital and also their patients can now easily access their records through our portal.
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Jananam Portfolio

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