The Gohealthe Story

360° Lead Generation

We've been associated with Go Healthe for a long time and have been responsible for their branding and offline marketing ventures.

Go Healthe approached us with a specific requirement wherein they wanted to market a new AI enabled product in the market for fertility clinics- Life Whisperer.

Approaching fertility clinics alone would have been sufficient, but we took a 360° approach that targeted the end user - the patient.This resulted in patient enquiries which further improved the reach.

We also adopted various methods of reaching out to the owners of fertility clinics which included e-mail marketing, webinars and linkedin ads.

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"Ksheer Tech really helped us scale up quickly with their innovative marketing strategies. We were impressed with their how their approach was S.M.A.R.T with a constant eye on the big picture."
- Dr. Selva Annamalai, CEO & Founder (Go Healthe)
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Lead Generation Avenues
linkedin campaigns
Linkedin Campaigns
We did targeted Linkedin campaigns aimed at fertility centres across India. We didn't just run the ads, we even interacted with leads and setup appointments.
We collaborated with various healthcare platforms and managed webinars from end to end. We even did post webinar marketing which yielded great results.
Facebook and Insta Ads
We ran ads on these platforms targeting patients. Our ad campaigns are driven by AI and this helped us reach the right target audience in a short time for a lesser cost.
E-Mail Marketing
We did an extensive e-mail marketing campaign that target hospital owners. Our e-mail templates were dynamic and interactive which helped us get qualified leads.
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Go Healthe Portfolio
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