The Fisart Story

Incorporating a Quiz in your marketing strategy

Fisart was probably an initial example of how various functions within our company came together to achieve a common goal - Build an audience GENIUENELY interested in Fertility.

Our previous research had shown the effectiveness of quiz for building an audience. And with our understanding of Fisart, we realized it would be a great fit here.

We built an interactive quiz from scratch that supported gifs, logical mapping and point calculations.

We ran an extensive campaigns targeting married and unmarried men and women with custom made designs. The campaign was a huge success with a great cost per lead.

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The Journey
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We did an extensive research on what are the factors that affected fertility. This involved talkings to doctors, reading research papers and going through many case studies.
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We prepared a questionnaire that focussed on various aspects that affected fertility. We assigned weightage to each of the questions so as to help us build a quiz.
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The Quiz
We built an interactive quiz based on the questionnaire. This quiz was advanced with a point system, logic based and had the user interact with gifs to make it less daunting.
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We launched an extensive campaign targeting various sets of audience. The campaign was monitored with eagle eyes and we made sure that we kept tweaking.
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The Result
Over 6,000 people took the quiz and nearly 3,000 of them shared their contact details thus helping us build a database of people interested in improving their feritlity.
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