The Bioclad Story

Minimal Web Design with Clear CTA

Bio Clad Requirement

Bio Clad wanted a very minimalistic website that would act as a lead gen platform for high end customers that visit the website. It should also have sufficient information about the product as well. The product -  Anti-Microbial Wall Cladding is a premium product and it was mandatory we imbibed the premium feel of the product in the website.
The Ksheer Tech Approach

After a rigorous wireframe development process, we came up with the design for the website. It combined the 3 main notions associated with the brand - Luxury, Transparency and Trust.

The same effort that went into the design also went into the content writing and the final product was a website that's been capturing leads left-right and centre!


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Our various steps involved in Web Development.
web development services
Market Research
We do an intensive market research and competitor analysis before we undertake web development.
website wireframe design
Wireframe   Development
With a brainstorming session with the client and internally, we develop a wifreframe.
website design & website content design
Design & Content
After approval, we undertake content and design development simultaneously.
seo services
SEO Optimization
We do an end to end SEO optimzation of the website and make it completely SEO ready.
website maintenance
Website Maintenance

Continuous enhancements is done to keep your website relevant & crawl-worthy.
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