Big data, Analytics and Dashboard

We use a combination of creative intelligence and technical skill to create dashboards and provide business insights that empower you to take powerful decisions that increase your ROI.

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Big data, Analytics and Dashboard

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Predictive Analytics

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Business Intelligence to help you scale up

Your business needs to boom after launch. One way to do it is to know your customer buying behavior. That is where big  data comes in. Big data is a huge collection of data that comes from your customer, that has information about your customers’ behavior, which varies in volume, velocity and variety. Analysis of big data can reveal vital information about your customer, which in turn, will help you customise an tweak your product or service according to your customers, so that you have more chances of purchases. A dashboard is needed to organize, analyse, and conclude you huge amounts of data. Once everything is arranged, it is easier to draw conclusions from the data and make further decisions from it.

What do we do?

We don’t let the data that's been collected from your customers go to a waste. We know that these unused data; transactions, connected devices and purchase patterns have a lot of potential and we are here to help you extract the most out of that information to help your business out.  We will help you anticipate, predict and transform your business!

How will a dashboard help my business?

Your business can benefit a lot from using a dashboard.
Here’s how they help:

It makes your data easy to read

Gives an access to multiple metrics and Key Performance

Indicators at once

Elimination of manual reports, saves time

Consistent, regular, and timely reporting

Our Tech

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Where can I get big data from?

There are three major places where big data can be mined from. The social data, machine data and the transactional data. With social media data, you will be able to learn about consumer behavior. Machine data has information from industrial equipment and machineries. This involves real time data from sensors, also known as ‘Internet of Things’. The third source of data is the data produced whenever there is a transaction. Businesses such as Dominos and Amazon make use of transactional data to learn about their customers behavior. 

Is big data beneficial to small businesses at all?

Big data has been utilised by smaller organisations to rise through ranks in marketing. While myths surround big data that small businesses don't need it, this simply isn’t true. With big data, businesses, big or small can analyse and still utilise big data to understand their market and their customers better, so that they can tailor make their products and/or services for their customers.

When is the right time to deploy analytics into my business?

There is no right time to do something that should be a routine in your business, as it is a continuous process. Analytics is a major part of any business, big or small, every business has to adopt business analytics as a part of their daily operations. Majority of the problems that a business face, the solution lies within their data, that is where most businesses look for it. Once business analytics becomes a part of business practices, it can be used to make all kinds of strategic business decisions. 

What does a business strategy using analytics look like?

A set of simple yet effective sets of recommendations that uses the big data effectively, converting the data into useful information for the business. A really good strategy would make the best use of the available resources. Very helpful in finding solutions for problems faced but the business, the process of formulating strategy could be tricky. However, no matter the complexity, the resulting decision is highly pragmatic and useful for the business. 

Why should I use a data dashboard?

A data dashboard is important for your business, as you would dealing with huge volumes of data, once your customers start flowing in. A dashboard is the place where all your data comes together, from multiple channels, and organised. Therefore, you are saving time, making quick and better decisions, your data is all arranged at one place, it gives you the power to strategically decide the next step for your business. 

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Some of our clients

Let us create a powerful A.I dashboard for your business

You can save millions by following the insights gained from data analytics of your business. We can help create dashboards that give you the complete picture about your business and help you take informed & intelligent decisions based on facts and numbers. Let us create a dashboard that boosts your ROI and enhances your business.

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