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We use a combination of creative intelligence and technical skill to maintain and keep your website up to date with security updates and essential patches to ensure your customer has a smooth journey navigating through your website.

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Cost effective monhtly maintenance

performance audit

Performance Auditing

patches, fixed and enhancements

Patches, Fixes & Enhancements

backup management

Scheduled Backups

content & functionality auditing

Content & Functionality Auditing

regular security checks

Regular Security Checks

blog management

Blog Management

website uptime tracking

Website Uptime Tracking

site speed check

Systematic Site Speed Checks

chat support services

Chat Operator Support for 24x7 business

What do we do?

At Ksheertech, we ensure that your website is maintained at a top-notch level.

Wondering why you should entrust your website to us? Here’s why

1. Our developers are a dynamic group of people, skilled, experienced, and experts at what they do. 

2. We have a Content Management System in-house, to create & manage all of your platforms and blogs.

3. Readily available team of content writers, graphic designers, web designers & SEO experts for your website content

4. Quick turnarounds & attractive prices

Enviable up rate!

Website maintenance is to examine if your website is healthy and performing well. It involves making sure your updates are online, there is steady traffic flow into your site, and that your website content is informative, attractive, engaging, and as fresh as possible. If you didn’t know, with web design, 94% of first impressions are formed. Meaning, poor impressions with outdated websites would lead your visitors to click away and you might lose leads, especially if you are into the e-commerce business. Therefore, if you are in the e-commerce industry, make sure that the purchase button works.

Why do you need it?

There are multiple reasons why your business website needs maintenance. Let us break it down for you.
1. When it comes to search engines choosing websites to pull up for a search, they prefer websites that are frequently updated.

2. A better-maintained website would give your page a higher position in search engine results. 

3. To hold the visitors’ attention, it is primal to give them authentic content that is truthful and reliable.

4. Outdated information may lead your visitors/prospective customers to lose interest in your product/service.

5. Having a large number of sections and pages would mean that your website has to be updated regularly to stay relevant in your customers’ eyes. 

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How long does software development take?

This question does not have a standard answer besides the fact that the time taken for a software to be developed fully depends on the complexity of the software, including the features of the software that a developer is asked for. Some projects need 2 to 3 weeks to finish while others can require more than a year to finish. The best way here is to talk to your developer and discuss your requirements to get a quote.

Can you make changes to a product that other developers already started with?

Our software development team can continue with the unfinished software. Just give us an idea about what your ideas are and we will have your software built and delivered to you in no time.

How does the process take place?

Every project we take is different, and there are different ways in which they need to be handled. With your software, we will tell you how the process will go after we discuss your ideas. We give you a detailed road map on how we are going to proceed with your software and then begin with the execution.

Do I have to be tech savvy to work with you?

Do you have to be an expert on teeth to go to a dentist? No. We are here to help you with your software requirements, you don’t have to be tech- savvy to work with us, it is really not necessary. What we do need from you is your idea and what you want your software to do. That is all we need as an input from you. Leave the rest on us and just relax. We got you!

Why should I choose you instead of my own software development team?

You can definitely make the choice of hiring your own software developers. But keep in mind that the process of hiring, managing, and training an inhouse programming team could cost you time and money. We believe that starting out, it is best to seek out outsourcing your software needs, and then go for an in-house team of developers.

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Some of our clients

Let us maintain your website & ensure you attract the right clients for your business with the most ROI

We understand that budgets are one of the most important aspects of any business. We will endeavour to maintain & update your website and digital assets to your satisfaction within your budget as we understand the intricacies of business management and work cohesively with you to generate leads from your website and increase the ROI for your business, all within your budget.

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