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We bring your concepts to life and even ideate never before seen concepts that can elevate your brand. We've a proven track record of video bases campaigns that had crazy ROI!

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Video Marketing

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On-site shooting

Editing and post-production

Graphics Integration

360° Marketing

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Premier Pro

Final Cut Pro

Autodesk Maya

How does Ksheertech help with your video marketing?

Our skilled team of experts can whip up the magic to suit your business needs. After a thorough consultation and research, we come up with concepts and ideas on the what, how, where, when, and who of the campaign video. We believe in maintaining the quality and timely delivery of your video. 

Because a video lives rent free in your mind.

It is using videos as a marketing tool. Simple as that. A video is versatile, easy to comprehend while being entertaining and engaging. It also is known to bring a good return on investment (ROI) when done right. According to Wyzowl statistics, 63% of the users have 63% of the business have started using videos for marketing purposes. Out of those, 82% have realized that video marketing is crucial for their business. Though it is a new addition to the bundle, it cannot be denied that video marketing is essential as well.

Why does your business need it?

A video advertisement can bring in more traffic, can have a broad reach, build a strong connection with the customers, and finally promote your brand. Additionally, a video can be used as an instructional how-to when there is a new product/service, a compilation showcasing customers’ positive feedbacks, funny but relatable content, or live interaction with the customers. 

Businesses that used video marketing to profit

Big names like Coca-Cola, HubSpot, FedEx, and KFC have used the power of video marketing to promote their brands successfully. Their videos have engaged with their customers well, projected the viewers’ needs in the best way possible, and got the most out of their videos. That is how much a video can alter the course of your marketing campaigns, steering it towards success. 

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Do I really need video marketing for my business?

The world is fast-paced. People need information quickly, easily, and clearly. There is no better way to deliver that than a video. One picture is worth a thousand words, videos should be worth a million. Everyone is having a mobile device at hand, the best way to communicate most with the target audience is using a video. Post watching a video, 64% of the viewers are likely to buy the product, as videos on the landing page can increase the conversion rate to 80%. 

Are the viewers my customers?

Not yet. The buying process has to go through attract, convert, close and delight. Doing a good job at all four stages could exponentially increase the number of incoming customers. Converting the viewers into buyers is a critical step in video marketing, the conversion determines the video’s success. The video has to be informative, quirky, reaching, and engaging enough to convert the viewer into a buyer. 

Is video marketing expensive?

The cost of producing a video depends on a lot of factors. One. Who is creating the video? Is it the house team? The outsource? Two. The format of the video. And three, type of video. An animation video could cost more than a webinar or a live video. The best-suited video for a start-up could be made using easily affordable resources such as Twitch or Snapchat. Videos are helpful, as ultimately, the benefits of video marketing may overshadow the cost of producing them. 

I don’t need more than a few videos, right?

To reach the audience, more than one video would be required. That one video may or may not find success in reaching your audience enough to make a  purchase. While one video could be doing not so well, some other videos may do well. It results from the quality, production, and how well the video can appeal to the viewer’s needs. Videos need to be unique also to stay ahead of the competitors. 

Can video marketing ensure a successful marketing campaign?

Definitely. Once the path has been set, the goals identified, the resources needed and used in the right direction, and the metrics tracked and analyzed, videos can bring in traffic and boost the business’ marketing endeavor. 

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We understand that budgets are one of the most important aspects of any business. We will endeavour to deliver your video to your satisfaction within your budget as we understand the intricacies of business management and work cohesively with you to make an amazing video campaign within your budget.

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