Efficient Managed Services

We are adept at maintaining your digital world and constantly strive to improve all aspects of user engagement in order to provide your business the highest ROI

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Managed Services and Maintenance

Services include

Network Testing & Monitoring

Management of Web Services

Connectivity & Bandwidth


IT Infrastructure Management


Software Maintenance


Service Virtualisation

Cost Effective to the T.

Wondering what outsourcing can help with? With outsourced managed services, the business can experience more control over their service levels, reduced demands on management times, greater flexibility and greater reliability. 

How do we help?

Our team at Ksheertech takes care of your business needs,  be it anything. We have a framework of services that can be customised according to your needs. Our team includes strategic advisors, as well as professionals of technology who have the right experience and skills to meet and exceed your business goals

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What should I look for in a managed service provider?

Whether you are an owner managed or in middle market business, choosing the right set of  managed services for your business could be a little tricky. For your business, you need a trusted partner that can deliver you quality services. You need to see an alignment between your business needs and the quality of the service provided, to build a harmonious relationship as well as client satisfaction.  

What is the difference between managed services and consultation?

Managed services are essentially services that you get provided by another agency in exchange for some fee. Consultation services are the processes when you get only advice based on research and experience in your field of business in exchange for some fee. Managed services are involved with resources, infrastructure and other tangible or intangible assistance, whereas consulate services are basically advisers for their clients, in pointing out risks and issues for their clients, and ways to eliminate these risks.

How much do managed services cost?

It varies, depending on your requirement. The type, complexity and the number of services you need will determine the cost of your services. Since every business is unique, their requirements are also different and so the prices for services for two different businesses may not be comparable. A good service provider will communicate and understand your needs, curate a package tailored to your needs and quote a price for you accordingly. 

Why should I go for managed services?

This is another of those questions that don’t have a definitive answer. The frequency with which you need to update your app depends on how frequently your competitors come up with updates. The issue that your users face while using your app also plays a major role in determining how frequently it needs to be updated. Some brands update their apps weekly and some do not update for over a year. It is completely on your app’s features and user experience. 

Why should I go for managed services?

There are multiple reasons for which managed services should be adopted for businesses looking for success. Let us list out those reasons here-It will help you to focus on more important stuff regarding your business rather than dealing with back office or administrative functionsAccess to leading and latest technology in the market, keeping your business on the lead.A sense of safety as then services will always be available, no risk on employee turnover like in insourcing. Access to talent without hiring anyone. Meaning training would not be required here, as a result cost savings.Robust platform, free from interruptions.As the business grows, you don't have to worry about expanding your team/department.

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Letting go has never been this rewarding.

With our experience in handling managed services, you can concentrate on bringing in more sales as we drive the day to day operations smoothly and with a focus on continuous improvement.

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