The Arimathumbi Story

Lead Generation, done right!

Arima Thumbi Social Media Goal

As an event venue, they had one major goal with their social media requirements. It was to generate hot leads at a quick place without compromising on the brand identity.  Arima Thumbi being an established event venue required someone to handle lead generation with a complete understanding of their brand.

The Ksheer Tech Strategy

We spent over a week visiting the venue, meeting with the founder, taking pictures and just understanding what Arima Thumbi stands for.
And once we knew, we believed in the unique experience they could offer. And this resulted us in coming up with holistic plan for lead generation which involved various sources.


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Our various methods of Lead Generation.
website maintenance services
Website Maintenance
From designing their entire website, we also maintain their website which includes creating fresh content, and managing incoming leads.
seo services
We've recently taken up SEO and have been focussing on creating organic leads for Arima Thumbi by using our AI enabled analytics.
content creation, writing services
Content Creation
Content creation is the cornerstone of Lead Generation. From static images, GIFs, videos etc. are all used to generate quality leads.
referral marketing services
Referral Marketing
We explored various avenues of lead generation and referral marketing is one such. We manage the whole cycle for Arima.
social media ads services
Social Media Ads
Be it Facebook, be it Insta, we run interesting lead gen ads that have seen many conversions of the last few months.
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360 Marketing Portfolio for Arimathumbi

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