The Amulet Story

Where Software Development meets Digital Marketing.

The Amulet Vision

To make every living human in the planet healthier both physically and mentally.

Ksheer Tech Social Media Strategy

When Amulet approached us with this vision, we were intrigued. Here was a company that had numerous ideas on how make people healthier.
As they listed out ideas, it became evident that they more than just digital marketing, they required software and app development as well.
It came down to creating an Amulet ecosystem where each medium spoke to each other and helped a user reach their goal of getting healthier.

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The Various Ways We Do Our Bit
website maintenance services
Website Maintenance
Amulet has multiple websites that needs constant updates, content and maintenance.
blog management services
Blog Management
We have written over 100 articles for Amulet Blogs for various topics related to health.
software development services
Software Development
We are working with Amulet in developing healthcare tools that will benefit during Covid times.
app development services
App Development
Amulet App is an ambitious project wherein it aims to be the Go To app for ALL health related usage.
seo & smm services
We perform SEO for the various websites of Amulet and also keep their social media page vibrant with various relevant creatives.
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Amulet Portfolio

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